How To Build Shoulders Like A Sprinter

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Sprinters ShouldersStrong and powerful shoulders are an essential ingredient to being a fast sprinter. You have to be able to explode your arms back and forth with perfect form, which can't be accomplished without explosive shoulders. The biceps and triceps have a very minimal effect on the motion of your arms in sprinting. The science is quite simple. The stronger your shoulder, the faster you can move your arms. The faster you can move your arms, the faster your legs will have to move as well, making you a faster sprinter. Here's the exercises to help you build shoulders like a sprinter.

Arm Swings

You probably won't see too many people in the gym doing these, as they are typically only done by serious sprinters. But nonetheless, they are great for building those admirable shoulders.

Start by choosing a fairly light dumbbell weight - 10 to 20 pounds to start. This is going to be a very painful exercise, but worth every second of it. Standing up tall and straight, dumbbells in your hand, with a firm but relaxed grip, start pumping your arms like you were sprinting. The first 45 seconds will be at a brisk pace, and the last 15 seconds at a full on sprinting speed. Perform 10 sets of these, with 60 seconds on and 60 seconds off.

Push Press

This exercise is performed on a platform with a barbell. Clean the weight up so that you are holding it on your chest and collar. Lower down into a half squat and explode back up. While doing so, push the weight up over your head. Lower it back down. Don't rest it on your chest until your last rep. Be careful not to hit your collar bone. Perform three sets of five.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

You will probably need a spotter for this exercise just to be safe. Find a bench and adjust it so that it's vertical. Grab a pair of dumbbells. While you're standing, you may want to swing the weight up so that the dumbbells are resting on your shoulders. Sit down and press the weight over your head. Lower it back down. Do three sets of six.

Reverse Flys

These work the very commonly neglected rear deltoids. Grab a pair of dumbbells, and stand with them. Now bend at the hips so your torso is at about 45 degrees. Your hips and knees should be bent. Put one foot forward for balance and support. With the weights below you, raise them up while keeping a slight bend at your elbows. Perform three sets of six.

Shoulders play a huge role in successful sprinting. Perform these exercises two to three times per week depending on your routine. Be sure to advocate proper diet, stretching, and recovery.

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